About us

Biblical storytelling online, accessible to everyone.

Digital evangelism

Free Gospel Media is a media production company that makes Biblical storytelling films, through which we want to spread the Gospel worldwide. We now have 14-15 years of experience with the traditional form of evangelism in various areas. Because the world is increasingly digitizing (including developing countries), we have developed ready-to-use videos to increase Bible knowledge in this way.

Increasing Bible knowledge in developing countries

Many developing countries nowadays also have the Internet. It is therefore also a logical step to distribute our digital media there as well. Also among people who have (had) little education. Our videos are short and easy to understand, with telling Bible stories that everyone understands. In addition, we make use of presenters, who further dress up and explain the story of the video with the help of storytelling.

Which media do we use?

We use, among other things:

  • Green screen presentations
  • Story telling
  • Podcasts
  • Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Augmented reality

We also broadcast our videos with explanations on as many television and radio stations as possible. For the Dutch public, think of TV channels such as the EO (en important evangelical broadcaster), and a radio channel such as Groot Nieuws Radio.


Our mission is to let as many people as possible from different cultures hear and see the Gospel, in an accessible way that suits their language and culture.

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